My Mind is a Planet

To Cover Up the Truest Thing I’m Feeling Would be an Insult to my Humanity…
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All of these eyes and ink on paper. These chilly and smoke-less thoughts. Our strange and neon behavior. An eon of perfect fault. Drowned in Heaven you see me. I can never return again. I spoke, intrepid to the evening. And darkness, it feared me so. My mother is the mind expanding. Must conquer the ignorant dangers. Meek, in wandering forests. Vivid to the bluest of strangers. Like wolves on streets of embers. In playful, faintly light. It was, we were, the alkaline. Of blood on old December. Did not draw the kill from the animal. Did not kiss to death the rage. Did not seek to wait and yearn. Did not wake the wisely sage. My days, they are but ending. The dawn and perfect light. Give to me the ruin. As death will vie for life.

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Danger holds my hand. Gossips with me in bed. We go on dates and talk about all the evils we wish were dead. My morning coffee takes like chaos. At night my prayers are full of death words. Father told me there was too much horror for tears, I might as well laugh like a storm. I know he confesses to the gun under his bed. I've heard it whisper back. A killer came through the back door His name was Apathy. He called me sister. I sleep with a knife when there's. something to kill. What in the world will I bleed for?